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“Fabulous Bridal is amazing! I have never felt so beautiful. I found the most perfect wedding dress and had so much fun looking. The staff at Fabulous Bridal made me feel like a million bucks! I also had a maids party and all my bridesmaids felt so pampered and were very impressed. I cannot wait to walk down the aisle in my Fabulous Bridal dress! ”

Joanna Foresman of Louisville, KY, Mar 19, 2018


“My mom, sister and I came by to look at maid of honor and mother of the bride dresses for my wedding later this year. Unfortunately, we did not have the most welcoming or helpful experience. While everyone was very nice and answered questions we had, we did not have much interaction with our sales girl and she was not very proactive in helping us find what we were looking for. Overall, it was a lackluster experience compared to other experiences I have had at bridal dress shops. I feel it was a missed opportunity for your store because we were very much looking forward to coming in and having the wedding shopping experience. ”

Rebecca Whatley of Covington, KY, Mar 13, 2018


“Overall I had a very positive experience at Fabulous Bridal. I did end up finding and getting my wedding dress, which I am so excited about. Mary, the sales associate who helped me, was helpful and sweet. The only negative feedback I have is that I don't feel like an hour and a half is enough time to browse the store and try on dresses. When the next bride arrived, Mary did a good job juggling the both of us, but it still felt very awkward and I felt like I had to leave. The only thing I was particularly annoyed of that I wanted to mention was that I was told that pictures weren't allowed of the dresses from the trunk show, which is the dress I ended up getting, and so I did not get any photos in it. Upset that I have no pictures to look at of the dress until it's ready in at least 6 months, I mentioned this as I was checking out downstairs, and then was told that if you're buying the dress, you ARE allowed to take pictures. By then I was already half way out the door and the next bride had taken over my space, so I didn't feel comfortable going back upstairs to put the dress back on and take pictures that I would have really liked to have. ”

Anonymous, Mar 12, 2018


“I had a great experience at Fabulous. Not only did I find my dress, but my consultant, Gynnine, was amazing. She listened to what I wanted, but was also great at pulling some out of the box ideas to make sure I wasn't getting tunnel vision and missing out on the perfect dress. I didn't feel any pressure to make a decision and really felt like the whole experience was all about me. Overall, it was a great day, and I can't wait to walk down the aisle in my gorgeous dress from Fabulous Bridal! ”

Kayla Miller of Cincinnati, OH, Mar 12, 2018


“The perfect day! This was my first time trying on any wedding dresses, and the whole experience felt very care-free and easy-going. Donna helped me out, and she understood that I was there to learn, not necessarily to buy. There was no pressure and no rush, just fun! AND I actually walked out with the perfect wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, and mother of the bride dress. We accomplished everything all in one go! The perfect day. ”

Grace of Covington, Mar 11, 2018


“My experience was fantastic. Beginning with my shopping experience. My consultant was very knowledgeable and had perfect recommendations. My fitting was perfect. The seamstress knew exactly what adjustments to make to allow my dress to fit perfectly. I couldn’t be happier with my event. ”

Stephanie T. of Ft. Wright , Mar 11, 2018


“I was very disappointed when i left. The lady was nice but wasn't aiming to stay under my budget. All dresses were at my budget and up....then I didn't bring a strapless bra so she advise that I just stand in my panties while switching from dress to dress. I was really uncomfortable that they didn't offer a bra. I didn't feel like a princess even tho she tried to add veil and belt. ”

Stephanie of Covington , Mar 3, 2018


“I found my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses from Fabulous Bridal, and we had nothing short of a terrific experience!! Ever since I called for the first time to set up an appointment, all of the staff have been polite and patient with me! They listen to your ideas and opinions, but also provide great recommendations. All of the staff members at Fabulous Bridal made me feel special every time I came to the store! Thank you for the special treatment! I cannot wait to wear my wedding dress from Fabulous! ”

Olivia, Feb 15, 2018


“Very elegant and professional. ”

Natalie Schultz, Jan 29, 2018


“It was an extremely disappointing experience. I came in with a $1,000 budget give or take and getting married on 5/6/18. I was interested in shorter dresses so I was sent to the bridesmaids floor. None of those where what I was looking for. The very sweet associate Theresa brought me 3 discount dresses to try on. I felt like my time was wasted. If my time frame was to short or my budget was to low I should have been told up front not just brushed aside. ”

Tara Vlaisavich of Madison Street , Jan 29, 2018


“Jenna was absolutely amazing! She listened, made great suggestions, and every dress she pulled fit not just my ideas but my budget! Never did I feel like i was being sold to. I felt like Jenna took what I was picturing in my head and brought it to life! Thank you. ”

Keri Carter of Covington KY, Dec 17, 2017


“Mary was wonderful to work with, I couldn't have had a better experience. She was personable and picked out a variety of styles to try on. I would have never thought I would be buying the dress that I did! ”

Molly McPhillips of Covington , Dec 16, 2017


“I have a had a wonderful experience every time I have been here! Everyone we've worked with has been so helpful and positive. I can't wait to come back for my alterations and my maid's party! ”

Hailey Stallings, Dec 2, 2017


“I had a fantastic about my experience. It was my first time trying dresses on and Jenna made me feel so comfortable and was incredibly helpful. She really made me feel at ease in this experience and was there for me for whatever I needed!! ”

Rebecca Schack of Covington , Nov 30, 2017


“We had a fabulous time at Fabulous Bridal! I have 9 bridesmaids that all picked out a different style and different color dress so we were a handful! They offer so many designers and styles that this was no problem. The staff was extremely professional and most importantly personable. They made sure that we had everything we needed but still gave us enough space so we didn't feel rushed. Fabulous Bridal is unlike other bridal stores we had been to. It is very intimate and you don't feel like you have tons of people watching you. I am extremely happy that I chose Donna Salyers' Fabulous Bridal. Not only did all my girls leave with gorgeous dresses but we have a priceless memory to last forever! ”

Morgan, Nov 30, 2017


“I had a wonderful experience! Everyone was very kind and helpful. Madison was outstanding, she listened to my thoughts of what I wanted and pulled accordingly. She was quick with getting the dresses ready and clipping the dresses to show everyone. I can't say enough great things about the experience and everyone who helped. ”

Mackenzie Cole of Hyde Park Bridal , Nov 20, 2017


“Awesome customer service. Great with scheduling! Can always fit you in! ”

Carlena Hale, Nov 12, 2017


“Gynnine was amazing and listened to exactly what I wanted! I found the perfect dress! ”

Jenna Hutzel, Oct 28, 2017


“Jenna was absolutely a joy to work with! She was very patient and listened to what I wanted and I appreciate that so much. Jenna helped me decide what looked best on me and what I loved even when everyone with didn’t see it at first. Overall the experience was perfect and I know I can attirubute that to having Jenna as my consultant! ”

Kirsten Cannon, Oct 22, 2017


“Fabulous Bridal and my consultant Maria truly thought about me and what I wanted while also keeping to my budget. I came in just to look and little did I know that the second dress I tried on would be the perfect dream dress. Never in a million years did I think I would find my dress so quickly and be within my budget. Thank you Fabulous Bridal for making me feel like a princess bride!! ”

Jennifer Eten of Covington, KY, Oct 21, 2017


“Be sure to visit this store if you're looking for a relaxed experience and amazing customer service. My consultant Jenna was a dream to work with. I can be an extremely indecisive shopper, so I went into the day thinking I wouldn't have any luck, but I found the dress of my dreams after trying just five others. She kept the experience fun, truly listened to what I was looking for and I never once felt pressured or rushed. Thanks Jenna for making this special day such a great one! ”

Danielle of Cincinnati, Ohio , Oct 19, 2017


“I recently sent you my feedback on my dissatisfying experience buying bridesmaid dress(es). I heard nothing back from you so I assume that you sent requests for input but can't bother to respond...as I've never heard back from you. ”

Madison Ave. bridal store of Covington , Oct 7, 2017


“My experience with fabulous bridal was AMAZING!!!! Jenna couldn't have been more supportive or accommodating - she's the best! I would 100% highly reccomend fabulous bridal to anyone! ”

Theresa Muto of Cincinnati, Sep 15, 2017


“I am not a happy "former" customer. Firstly, I originally saw a dress I liked at a bridal salon in Reading. After a little research I found that your store also carried it. I decided to stay in NKY and went to your store to see it. It was $50 more at your store for the exact same dress! I tried it on and found that my bra showed in back. The sales girl offered no alteration solution. Given those two issues I didn't buy it. (Later I found out from Cathy in Alterations that she had a solution for bra showing :/) Secondly, then sales girl steered me toward a dress with similar features. I thought it looked pretty good after she used clamps all down the back of the dress to pull it up and in all the right places. They couldn't decide which size to order and chose 12 which came in way too big- everywhere! It was overwhelming me. Then I was sent up to Cathy in Alterations (who was G R E A T ) where she went about the daunting task of pinning me every which way. At the $200+ and rising point I told Cathy to give up. It was never going to fit like it should without remaking the entire dress. She agreed. It was just too big. The manager was bringing in belts from around the store to try to put a waistline up where it should be. The dress was wearing me instead of the other way around. It looked BAD. So, now I'm stuck with a $250 dress I can't wear. It's still in plastic bag with labels on. I asked store staff if they could hold it in store in case someone came in last minute looking for a long black dress. It took them a week to call me back to day NO. Cathy felt bad enough for me that she walked me down to the clearance rack where we found a dress that she could repair and make usable. So, after another $160 in alterations (plus cost of sale dress) I have a dress I can wear as bridesmaid in my sister's wedding later this week. I expressed my disappointment to manager and asked if they could give me a break on cost of alterations on second dress. Answer was again NO. Given this entire experience I would not recommend your store to others. The one star is for Cathy in alterations who did her best to make the best of a bad situation. She at least showed some compassion for my situation and did a great job. ”

Sandra Tollison of Madison Ave. Bridal, Sep 12, 2017


“Everyone in my bridal party agreed that Jenna was their favorite bridal consultant we met all day (we visited three stores). Jenna is so considerate, patient, and positive. She never rushed me to make a decision and answered every question I had about the dress of my dreams. She got along with everyone in my entourage and even laughed at their corny jokes. She was always smiling and it made us feel at ease. Some bridal consultants at other stores are superficial, grouchy, and frowning in every picture we take of the dresses. That was not the case with Jenna. I cannot emphasize enough how important atmosphere is to this wedding dress shopping ordeal, and Fabulous Bridal felt so 'chill' next to the other places in Kentucky and Ohio. The building has taller ceilings and is designed to be open and airy with lots of natural light from the windows. The dressing rooms are huge. Every bride was designated a large space in the room to show off the dresses to her party. Other staff and management do not hover too close or insert themselves into consultation sessions unasked. They give you space to experience and enjoy. In comparison, at some of the other stores, I felt like we were in a dark cave. Everything was crammed tight, and management butted into our session with their 'sage wisdom' every 20 minutes. Signing the wall at Fabulous Bridal and getting to drink from champagne glasses was a perfect extra touch to make this experience memorable for everyone involved. I am so grateful I made an appointment at this store and was paired to work with Jenna. Thank you so much! ”

Amanda Wagner of Union, KY, Sep 10, 2017


“I had the most amazing time at Fabulous Bridal! I was in town and booked my appointment last minute but was able to get in. Before my appointment I was a little stressed about feeling the pressure to find a dress and I really didn't think I would find the dress that day. Gynnine was my consultant and she was phenomenal. She listened to everything I was wanting in my dress and then went and found it. To my surprise, I didn't end up liking the style of dress I thought I wanted. Gynnine had found some other dresses that she knew would fit my body style and I fell in love. Fabulous Bridal was so great to me and the ladies I brought with me. I felt like I was on Say Yes to the Dress with much more reasonable prices. Dress shopping was so enjoyable and memorable, I would highly recommend them! ”

Lindsey Landers of Covington, Jun 23, 2017


“Maria is amazing! Highly recommend visiting this store. ”

Tess Eckstein of Covington, KY, Jun 18, 2017


“I had an amazing experience, the staff were very helpful and down to earth. They listened and delivered! Very happy with my dress too!! ”

Kathryn McNeal of Covington, KY, Jun 15, 2017


“I loved my experience at Fabulous Bridal. The dress selection was fantastic. ”

Stephanie Franxman of Cincinnati, OH, Apr 29, 2017


“My expierence finding and purchasing my dress and accessories was AMAZONG, I could not have asked for anything more. The entire staff was so accommodating, as soon as we walked in we were greeted with a friendly smile and champagne. Then we were taken upstairs where there was plenty of room for my large group, 8 total. The dress selection was great, my consultant pulled a wide range of dresses, always staying within my budget (which is greatly appreciated). I cannot say enough about the staff, I did not feel rushed or pressured to buy, and actually got to enjoy trying the dresses on and seeing what everyone thought. I also had my dressed altered here and the staff was also very helpful, the one thing that truly bothered me was that after purchasing and having the dressed altered at Donna Salyer's I then was charged for them to press it. To me if you are presenting your final product to a client/customer you would want it in pristine condition, looking its best and it is my personal belief that this charge should have been included. ”

Mary-Kate Ryan of Covington , Apr 11, 2017


“Jenna was very helpful in guiding me to find my dress. Very kind and patient. Our wedding is being planned quickly and she made sure what I viewed would be available in time. ”

Amanda Stout of Cincinnati, Jan 16, 2017