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Always a Bridesmaid…

Like most women in the age range of 20 to 35 we will be in many weddings over the years and this can get costly! A lot of brides ask how much their bridesmaids should expect to pay because they want to include everyone but want to be considerate of budgets. The current, average cost of a bridesmaid gown is around $200 and that doesn’t include shoes, alterations or hair/makeup for the day of the wedding which can definitely add up!

So the big question is what to do if one of your bridesmaids doesn’t have the funds to be a part of your big day?

First ask yourself how important is it that this particular person is in your wedding? For example, your best friend since kindergarten is the one with the issue; consider helping her out with her deposit or helping her with the cost of alterations to make it easier on her. Or, perhaps, it’s a girl that you haven’t known as long; ask her if she would like to help in another capacity. There are always positions for people that are important to you like Guestbook Attendants, readers for the ceremony, or even a day-of wedding consultant to make sure all of your vendors are showing up where and when you need them.
Another idea is to let your bridesmaids choose their own style of dresses. This way they get to pick out a dress that they are comfortable in, reflects their personal style and is a price that they can afford.

And always look for sales and opportunities for all of your bridesmaids to save on their orders. At Fabulous-Bridal all of the brides who purchase their wedding gown with us will automatically save 20% on all other party members (maids, moms and flowergirl). Watch social media pages of your favorite stores to be alerted when a special promotion is happening.

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