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Five Dresses Every Engaged Girl Needs

Every bride-to-be knows the importance of finding the perfect gown for her WOW moment walking down the aisle, but what about all of the other events that you will have to attend? Here we break down five of the most important events you will attend as the guest of honor leading up to and following your Big Day.

Engagement Party

This is the first time your family and friends will get to celebrate your upcoming nuptials so take this opportunity to wear something fun and flirty. We have paired this pink tulle dress with blinged-out shoes and a fun belt!

Bridal Shower

Whether your bridal shower is brunch at your favorite restaurant or in your Maid-of-Honor’s own backyard you will love how you look and feel in a sweet, little lace dress. We have added strands of pearls to our Topaz colored dress and suggest your favorite nude pumps to elongate the legs.

Rehearsal Dinner

You are the bride so stand out at your rehearsal! We love the idea of wearing the same color to the rehearsal that you will be wearing on your wedding day. Your fiancé will get a sneak peek at the vision of loveliness you will soon be. A great suggestion for accessories is to wear your wedding shoes to your rehearsal so that you can break them in and know how they will feel walking down the aisle (you don’t want to be slipping and sliding!!!).


Your big day has come to a close and you want to make as big of a splash leaving as you did when your guests first saw you so why not wear an all-over sparkly dress as your friends and family wish you farewell? Can’t you just imagine the pictures of you in this dress with all of your guests waving sparklers in your evening send off???


Just because the wedding is over doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be celebrating! After you have spent the day lounging by the pool or strolling through the streets with the one you love slip on a romantic maxi dress for a nice dinner out. This blue and white floral maxi even pairs beautifully with cute flats and a denim jacket if the evenings are chilly.

We hope you love how we have paired our special occasion dresses with fun accessories to guide you on your wedding journey!

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