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Maids Party
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Maids Party

What is a Fabulous Bridal Maids Party?
A maid’s party is a unique maid’s appointment where you and your bridesmaids will receive a personalized consultation. We provide complimentary snacks and beverages to make it a very special and fun dress shopping experience!

What is the cost of a Maids Party?
It is a complimentary service to YOU from US as long as one bridesmaid pays a deposit towards a dress.

Why should I book a Maids Party?
It’s a great reason to get your bridal party together! Brides will feel like they have accomplished a goal after our Maids Party… a dress will be selected, girls will be measured, and the order can be placed all in a relaxed and fun shopping environment!

Should I pick out bridesmaid gowns before the Maids Party?
We require the bride to pre-shop our designers, select a color and 3 – 4 dress styles prior to hosting the party. This will make decisions less stressful at the party!

Who can I invite?
We recommend inviting your bridal party and Moms.

When should I book my Maids Party?
We recommend hosting a party and placing your order 6 to 8 months prior to your wedding date. The order is submitted to the designer when all bridesmaids have paid their 60% deposit.