2023 Pantone Colors of the Year

2023 Pantone Colors of the Year

Digital Lavender

This vibrant lavender shade would be the perfect jumping off point for any Spring or Summer wedding! Style with soft greenery and ivory tones in the spring for a subtle and feminine look. Brighten it up with different shades of purple to pop in the summer. Cool down the lavender tones by pairing blues to create a wintery wonderland. The possibilities are endless for Digital Lavender!




Luscious Red

A softer, more pink toned red, Luscious Red can be styled in so many different ways. Create a fall sunset with different shades of red, orange and yellows. Opt for an updated version of a classic palette of burgundy, reds and navies. Brighten up the entire affair with a bright swatch of different colors featuring the gorgeous shade of red.





A desert toned brown, this can really be the jumping off point for so many color palettes! Pull in the tones of a desert sunset with oranges and purples. Try a southwest color palette with teals and subtle blue tones. Bring out the fall vibes with burnt oranges, mustard yellows and warm greens.



Tranquil Blue

This calming Pantone Shade is the perfect jumping off point for so many different palettes. Stay monochromatic with different shades of blue for a timeless look. Give it a springtime spin with shades of periwinkles and purples. Style with an array of brighter colors for a fun summer look.






A rich teal, Verdigris can be the front runner for your wedding, perfectly styled with so many different shades. Pair this shade with copper and burnt orange tones for a formal fall look. Keep a monochromatic look with an ombre of teal blue shades. Mix and match different rosey tones with greenery for a rich combination.