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Five Dresses Every Engaged Girl Needs

Every bride-to-be knows the importance of finding the perfect gown for her WOW moment walking down the aisle, but what about all of the other events that you will have to attend? Here we break down five of the most important events you will attend as the guest of honor leading up to and following your Big Day. Engagement Party This is the first time your family and friends will get to celebrate your upcoming nuptials so take this opportunity to wear something fun and flirty. We have paired this pink tulle dress with blinged-out shoes […]

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How to Be a Fabulously-Dressed Mom

With your son or daughter’s special day fast approaching its time to focus on what you are going to wear! For some moms this may seem like a daunting process because you have likely not purchased a formal gown since your own wedding. Here at Fabulous-Bridal we have gathered some helpful hints as you embark on this exciting shopping excursion.

  1. Shop Early

    A lot of moms get so overwhelmed by the thought of shopping for this big event that they put it off until the last minute, but it is in your best interest to start early. A mother of the […]

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Flash Sale Shopping Tips

Whether you are getting married on the beach, in city hall or you are just looking to reign in your wedding budget shopping bridal gown sample sales can be a wonderful option. We’ve put together some helpful hints for you to keep in mind when shopping at a sample sale or a store’s off-the-rack merchandise.


When you see a sample sale advertised it generally means you will find floor samples that the designer has discontinued. Sometimes these samples may be from prior seasons or newly discontinued. You may even find new dresses from designers […]

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Always a Bridesmaid…

Like most women in the age range of 20 to 35 we will be in many weddings over the years and this can get costly! A lot of brides ask how much their bridesmaids should expect to pay because they want to include everyone but want to be considerate of budgets. The current, average cost of a bridesmaid gown is around $200 and that doesn’t include shoes, alterations or hair/makeup for the day of the wedding which can definitely add up!

So the big question is what to do if one of your bridesmaids doesn’t have the funds to be a […]

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