A Gown Chooses You!

A Gown Chooses You!

A Gown Chooses You!. Mobile Image

Oct 31, 2022

We all have a vision in our head of what we want to wear on our wedding day. Some brides have had a vision in their head since they were little. And some brides have never even thought about what they would wear until they met someone that changed it all. We can’t wait to hear about your vision and see all your pictures and ideas! But try and have an open mind! It is so important to try on lots of styles that are similar to what you have been envisioning. But it’s also good to try on some things a little out of the box. As consultants, we can tell you a million stories about brides who left after saying “yes” to a dress that they never in a million years would have pictured themselves wearing. A gown chooses you!


Wedding dresses are so different than anything else that you’ve ever shopped for. Brides never truly know what they are looking for until they start trying things on. And their vision often changes. It is important to have an idea of what you see yourself in, but brides leave all the time with a gown that is so different than what they expected.


Choosing a wedding gown is all about how a gown makes you feel. Yes, you want something that will fit your venue and the overall vision you have for your big day. But with that in mind, a wedding gown often chooses you. It will be the one that makes you feel like a bride. The one that makes everything feel real when you’re standing on the pedestal. The one that might just bring tears to your eyes when you think about walking down the aisle. And it just might be that wild card gown choice!