Bridal Shopping Mistakes

Bridal Shopping Mistakes

Bridal Shopping Mistakes. Mobile Image

Oct 31, 2022

Shopping for your wedding gown can be an exciting and fun experience, but it is also completely different than any shopping trip you’ve ever made! Here are the most common mistakes bride’s make when shopping for their gown:


Wearing the wrong undergarments!

On the day you’re shopping for your bridal gown, you’ll want to stick to neutral undergarments. Most brides will not wear their bra while trying on gowns, but you’ll want to avoid wearing bright-colored underwear or anything with a pattern. Most gowns are not sheer, but this can sometimes be distracting when trying on different styles.


 Bringing too many people!

We know that the experience is something you want to share with all your friends and family, but having too many people in your entourage can be overwhelming, and brides can lose sight of what it is they truly see themselves in. Instead, bring a small group of those closest to you Bring a group who will hype you up and who have a good understanding of your vision.


Trying on styles outside of your budget!

We want you to enjoy every minute of the experience, and that even includes paying for the dress. You set a budget for a reason, and we wouldn’t want you to fall in love with a dress that isn’t within that budget, and for all other dresses to fall short. Be open with your consultant about the budget, and we will make sure to stay where you’re comfortable!


Shopping too much!

If you’re ready to shop-be prepared to find the one! While it is good to try on different styles and see different options, don’t get hung up on seeing ALL of your options. Go with your gut and make a decision based on your emotions. After all, you knew for sure when you found your forever partner, right?


Letting the entourage shop for you!

We know that your group is excited for you, that’s why you brought them! But when it comes to shopping for your bridal gown, we want to pamper you and your party. Your consultant is there to be your personal shopper and pull the styles that meet your vision. Let us do the work while you and your party relax and enjoy the experience.


Judging a dress by its hanger appeal!

Every dress can look completely different on than it does on the hanger. When your consultant brings you a dress, don’t immediately discount it based on the hanger appeal. Try it on first before you make a decision. Your consultant has seen each gown on and maybe has even tried it on. Trust your stylist!