Buying A Wedding Dress Tips and Tricks

Buying A Wedding Dress Tips and Tricks

Buying A Wedding Dress Tips and Tricks. Mobile Image

Oct 31, 2022

Buying a Wedding Dress Tips and Tricks

So, it’s your first-time shopping for your bridal gown and you have a million questions and emotions. For most brides, this is finally when the planning begins to feel real and it’s setting in that they’re actually doing this. You’re getting married and you must find a wedding dress! Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when buying a wedding dress.


It’s okay to be nervous.  This is a big decision!

Our Fabulous Bridal brides always tell us how nervous they are on their way back to the fitting room. It is okay to be nervous; you’ve never done this before. Shopping for your bridal gown can be a very intimidating thing. Here’s what you need to know.


Keep an open mind and do your homework!

Go into your appointment with an open mind and trust your stylist. Do your homework beforehand and find out what designers and styles are carried at the store you’re shopping at and come with photos. This gives your stylist somewhere to start and helps you not be so overwhelmed when you arrive to the store. Let your stylist take it from there and don’t be shy about telling them what you like and don’t like in each dress. Even though you might not feel like you’re making sense, you are! These small likes and dislikes will help your stylist eliminate most dresses for you.


Try on as many dresses as you want!

One of our favorite things to do during down time here at the Fabulous Bridal is to, of course, try on wedding dresses! When we get new wedding dresses in, we want to know exactly how they look, fit and feel on. A wedding dress can be very deceiving on the hanger for so many reasons. We want to see exactly how they fit on a body so we can better shop for our brides during their appointments. Until you try on the wedding dress, you won’t know exactly how it fits your shape and style.  The bride is truly what makes a gown so trust your instincts!


In-house alterations simplifies the process

At Fabulous Bridal, we do all alterations in-house.  We are invested in the final result! Our team of stylists and seamstresses are familiar with all of the Essense by Australia wedding dresses on our rack and know what alterations are possible and what’s not.



It’s okay to be nervous.  But, make sure to have fun.  You’re shopping for a wedding dress, after all.  This is the moment you have been waiting for.  When you put it on and it makes you feel beautiful and happy, then it will make you feel that way when the big day arrives!