Featured Bride: Allegra Carpenter

Featured Bride: Allegra Carpenter

Featured Bride: Allegra Carpenter. Mobile Image

Oct 31, 2022

Tell Us About Your Fabulous Bridal Experience!

I chose The Madison Event Center for my venue, and they highly recommended Fabulous Bridal as the go-to place for my wedding dress. I have never been a bridesmaid, and I had only been in a few other bridal shops before. When I walked into Fabulous Bridal, with my closest family members in tow, I was so excited! I knew what I had in my mind.  I wanted sparkle, whimsical, and beauty that would take everyone’s breath away. When I met Anne at Fabulous Bridal, she listened so intently to what I had envisioned. She asked many questions and knew the products she had in her salon. We pulled five dresses. There were three that were ball gown style, and then there were another two that were a little formfitting, just to step outside my comfort zone a little. I was nervous because I had never put on any gowns before, but she made me feel so comfortable, like two girlfriends hanging out trying on wedding dresses. The third dress I put on, I felt like I had a magical transformation. It was a beautiful shimmery strapless ballgown with a sweetheart neckline by Essence of Australia. (Dress D2894) It was an off-white dress with a multi-tiered skirt and SO.


MUCH. SPARKLE! Anne looked at me and said, “I think this is the one!” I agreed! Before I said “Yes to this Dress”, I needed to know, “Does this dress have a name?” I did not know if they gave them names like, “The Diana”, or “The Kate Middleton”. She said, “No these dresses don’t have names.” I said, “Well her name is Taylor!” Taylor Swift had recently released her Lover album, and this dress envisioned her so much. I also really love Taylor Swift. I have been told that the dress has been renamed to the Taylor dress to new brides, which makes me feel incredible!


All throughout the alterations process, and bringing my maids and mother in for their dresses, Anne and her staff listened to what I had envisioned. What really stuck out to me was that each time I came by the boutique they knew me by name. They never hesitated to know who I was, and they always made me feel so welcomed. I wasn’t just another customer, they actually really did care! They always made sure everything was perfect for me. I was always beyond happy and satisfied with everything. They made sure I knew dates on when things needed to be done, and gave me a timeline of events for each step in the process.


What Was the Highlight of Your Wedding Day?

I would say the highlight of my wedding day was the moment the curtain went up and I was able to walk down the aisle to my future husband. We did not do a First Look because I wanted to be super traditional. I also wanted to make Mark cry! I had been waiting in anticipation for a year and half, not only to show this man how beautiful I had transformed, but to finally reveal to my family and friends, the hard work I had put into my final bridal look. As soon as I took one step out I felt all eyes on me. I was smiling from ear to ear and I just felt so wonderful. I truly felt more beautiful than I ever had in my entire lifetime. My dress and bouquet were glimmering in the low, soft light, and I felt like an absolute princess. This was it!  I could tell Mark was holding back tears, and I knew this wedding was off to a great start. After the ceremony, I asked, “Do you like my dress?” He said, “I love your dress and you look so wonderful.” Feeling so confident, happy, and beautiful is a feeling and moment I will never forget.


What is One Piece of Advice You Have for Future Brides?

So many people gave me advice on how to plan a wedding. (I truly had no clue where to even start.) I would say that the best advice I could give a future bride is not to fret over the small stuff. There were so many details that I put into my wedding, and there were even some moments that went wrong, but no one noticed. Obviously, I knew when things went a little askew, but the guests are not there to judge your wedding. They are there to be with you and your husband, on the best day of your lives! Don’t sweat the small stuff. Things will always have a way of working out. I think the hardest test for any bride was trying to plan a wedding during COVID; those women deserve an award. At the end of the day, everything will work out perfectly. I lost so much sleep just worrying about little details, and it all turned out better than I could have ever imagined.