The Color Trends of 2021!

The Color Trends of 2021!

The Color Trends of 2021!. Mobile Image

Oct 30, 2022

Some brides have their wedding day all thought out, and some only begin thinking about it after they get engaged. Either way, you are engaged! And it is time to start planning! With so many options for your big day, here are the 2021 color trends to get you started!


Keeping it classic: Navy and Burgundy

Navy and burgundy color pallets will never go out of style! To add a modern touch, mix up the fabrics you use with velvets, satins, and sequins! Choosing to go with classic navy or burgundy for your bridesmaids? You will have endless options to brighten things up with flowers and accessories.


Light and Airy: Blush Pinks and Light Greens

Many brides are choosing to keep their wedding day light and airy! Different shades of blush pinks and light greens can be seen walking down the aisle. These colors are easily complemented by natural greenery. If you are looking for the perfect natural and romantic vibe, blush and light green are the way to go.


Cool Tones: Shades of Blue

Brides this year love mixing different tones of the same color, especially blues! From navy to pale blues, there are so many options to choose from, all of which complement each other. Mix up your bridesmaid shades or have them fade into a beautiful Ombre. Pair these shades with neutral tones in the flowers for a gorgeous color pallet that keeps your day looking as classic as you.


Mix it Up: Burnt Orange, Gold, Eucalyptus, and Taupe

Taking a note from nature; try to mix up those colors for a modern look! Burnt oranges, golds and yellows will warm things up. While shades of eucalyptus, greens, and taupe will take on the colors of a forest. Mix and match different shades and colors to create a unique color pallet!


What color trend do you see yourself picking for your big day?