The Entourage!

The Entourage!

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Oct 31, 2022

Who do I bring to be apart of my entourage?

Choosing the right entourage to bring with you when wedding gown shopping can sometimes be just as difficult as choosing the right gown. It is so easy to want to bring a lot of people with you when shopping because you want to make sure everyone feels included. You might feel like you want all the opinions you can get. It is important when deciding who to bring shopping with you that you try and limit the amount of opinions you have being thrown at you. The vision that you have for yourself might be a little different than the vision that your family members or friends have for you.  And that’s okay! It is so important that your guests are in the know of what you see for yourself on your big day. They need to support the vision you have for yourself.


Do I have to bring an entourage?

Another hurdle that brides tend to be faced with is when they find their gown unexpectedly and don’t have the entourage with them that they hoped for. The best things in life are unexpected and finding a wedding gown is no different. Sometimes the gown chooses you and it’s unexpected. So many brides face this challenge! “This is my first-time shopping”, or “I didn’t expect to find the one today”. The moment you find your wedding gown is such an amazing moment. It is filled with so many emotions and this can be hard to replicate later. Don’t short yourself, you deserve to have your moment. Not to worry, there’s an easy fix for this!


Can I come back to show off my dress with my entourage?

Absolutely! We suggest having a wedding gown reveal! This allows you to celebrate the big moment twice! We have had some fun nights in the store with our brides who have found their gowns and want to celebrate that with friends and family. And this way you have time to chose your perfect entourage! So, grab your girls and we’ll pop a bottle of champagne! You’ve waited a long time for this moment, why not celebrate it twice?