Translating Pinterest into real life

Translating Pinterest into real life

One of the first questions brides ask us is “What should I bring to my appointment”? Our answer is simple; a few ideas and the ones closest to you that you want to share your “yes” moment with. 


Pinterest boards are one of the easiest ways to organize your thoughts and ideas when it comes to wedding planning. Bridal gown ideas are no different, but brides are often hesitant to share their boards during their appointment because they don’t want to just try on those styles.  


Our biggest recommendation though is to share those ideas with your consultant and then trust your consultant during the appointment to pull the right gowns for you. Most brides have never tried on a wedding gown before and want to try out all different styles before deciding what is best for them. And we are here for it! 


It is important to have an idea of what you are drawn to aesthetically, so your consultant has an overall idea of what you like. But your consultant is there to work with you and for you. This means listening intently to what our brides are saying about each dress they have on and letting the appointment organically progress from there. 


We always say that a bride will either say “yes” to exactly what she thought she wanted or to the complete opposite! Let’s be real, you’re not shopping at your favorite store for a new pair of jeans where you know exactly what style you’re looking for! This is your bridal gown! Even if you’re a bride who has been married before or has had multiple other appointments you deserve options! 


Having a Pinterest board of your dream wedding ideas is no different than finding the right person to marry. You may have a list in your head of the things you are looking for in a spouse but have decided to spend the rest of your life with someone who has different qualities than what you always expected. Choosing the right gown may look a little different than what you thought but when you find the right gown you will know it is the right one. Just like you did with your fiancé!